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water-heater-construction Plumbing San Diego Rheem Tank Water Heaters InstallationCourtesy Plumbing installs and repairs traditional tank water heaters. A functioning hot water heater and hot water help protect the sanitation of your plumbing system as the temperature keeps microbes at bay, in large part.

What is a tank water heater?

A tank style water heater is the water heater of old. It contains a central element, a thermostat, a burner underneath, and a tank for storing the hot water it makes. On demand, the hot water is pushed up and out through the pipes into the home and delivering the hot water as needed. This classic, traditional water heater is perfectly good for about 5 to 7 years before it will need replacement. Generally the wear on the water heater occurs as a result of calcium and other hard water mineral sediments from our Colorado River water here in San Diego; the minerals have a tendency to precipitate or “scale” out of the water with reboiling and eventually they fill the bottom of the tank. This causes serious heating inefficiency that you may notice with continuous firing of the tank, even on hot days with no hot water use. This is why it is suggested that annual maintentance on traditional tank water heaters include draining them completely to remove the sediment buildup.

Repairs on traditional tanks are a rarity. In the last 10 years, the manufacturers have really worked hard on their designs to make their tanks disposable. They use cheaper elements, and in the end, for about $1000, you can have a newer model in most cases. In only the rarest circumstances will we see that a problem can be solved by replacing one or two typically broken parts, the two items that can be cost-effectively swapped as part of a “repair.”

rheemRuud Plumbing San Diego Rheem Tank Water Heaters InstallationWe look forward to hearing from you and responding to your tank hot water heater needs.