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Hidden Leaks May Be Driving Up Your Water Bill

If your water bill is higher than you expect, the problem might be hidden leaks. For prompt, professional slab and wall leak detection anywhere in the San Diego area, choose Courtesy Plumbing Inc. Call us today at 858-547-9924.

Why San Diego Homes Are Likely to Develop Leaks

The home construction trades have established a rhythm of building tract homes that goes something like this: pre-lay electric and plumbing pipe stubs in pad dirt, overlay these with concrete foundation, frame the home around the vertical stubs, extend the plumbing from the stubs up into the frame, and finish the house.

It has been done this way for decades. As a result, every house in San Diego is built on a concrete foundation. With shifting seismic activity and other causes, the pipes inside the slab foundation sometimes are sheared, cracked, and broken, leading to potentially destructive slab leaks that often stay hidden from the homeowner. If you do not hear rushing water or see the wetness form on your floors, you will eventually see it in your unexplained elevated water bills!

What else causes slab leaks in San Diego?
  • Cheap, thin copper materials often used in non-custom homes
  • Poor care and craftsmanship in original welding
  • Spikes in or tampering with suggested water pressure
  • Rusted and burst pipes, especially if you live in an area with remaining galvanized steel pipes
Our San Diego water itself is also a pipe-killer as it is very hard.

If you think you may have a leak but are not sure, do this simple test: turn off all water appliances in the home and make sure no toilets are running. Find your water meter, and take a digital photo of the indicator. Return in 10 or 20 minutes and see if the meter has turned at all. If it has moved more than one setting, call us right away. If it moved only a little, still call us right away!

Courtesy Plumbing uses special electronic leak detection equipment that is based mostly on detecting water pipe noise. Using our listening devices, we are able to precisely locate slab leaks in copper pipes. Usually, we can repair these leaks directly at the manifold entering the concrete slab with minimal invasiveness. Our leak repair technicians will be able to advise you on a copper pipe bypass or re-pipe.

Be prepared though: if it is certain that the pipe breakage is from within the slab itself, there is no good news because the only course of action is likely to be direct repair in the foundation — that is, tearing apart a portion of your floor and the foundation underneath. After you call us, call your homeowner's insurance carrier.

Wall leaks, on the other hand, are less invasive and the biggest irritation you will experience is the need to paint after the drywall and damp flooring has been restored. Copper re-pipe replacement of the affected pipes is the direct method to a fix.

Courtesy Plumbing provides residents of San Diego wall leak and slab leak repair services at reasonable prices and quickly. Call us today at 858-547-9924.
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